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  TrueRTA New Purchase

True Audio's TrueRTA provides a collection of real-time software-based audio instruments that turn your PC into a powerful audio test system for evaluating both acoustic and electronic systems.

Levels 2, 3, 4 : 1/3rd, 1/6th, 1/24th Octave RTA : $39.95 / $69.95 / $99.95

  TrueRTA Version 3 Level Upgrades

Already a v3 TrueRTA customer? You can upgrade to a more powerful Level for the difference in cost between Levels plus a $5.00 processing fee. Upgrade within 30 days of your purchase and eliminate the $5.00 fee!

Upgrade Levels 2 to 3 / 2 to 4 / 3 to 4: $34.95 / $64.95 / $34.95

  Upgrade from TrueRTA Version 2 to Version 3 (same Level)!

If you are already a TrueRTA v2 customer you can upgrade to v3 for half price!

From TrueRTA - v2 Level 2 to v3 Level 2 at $19.95 / v2 Level 3 to v3 Level 3 at $34.95
/ v2 Level 4 to v3 Level 4 at $49.95
 Save with Software Bundles...TrueRTA plus WinSpeakerz

WinSpeakerz is fast, easy and accurate!  

Bundle TrueRTA and WinSpeakerz for a 10% Savings!

WinSpeakerz + TrueRTA Level 2 at $71.91
WinSpeakerz + TrueRTA Level 3 at $98.91
WinSpeakerz + TrueRTA Level 4 at $125.91

 I Lost My TrueRTA Registration Code / Modify My Code With New Address

Have you lost your Registration Code or do you want to make changes to your address or phone number? There is a $10.00 processing fee to re-generate your Code.

Re-generate my TrueRTA Code at $10.00

 Parts Express Upgrade from TrueRTA Level 2 to Level 3 or 4

If you purchased TrueRTA Level 2 from Parts Express you can upgrade to a more powerful Level for the difference in cost between Levels plus a $5.00 processing fee. 

Upgrade From TrueRTA - Level 2 to Level 3 at $34.95
Upgrade From TrueRTA - From 2 to Level 4 at $64.95

 WinSpeakerz Loudspeaker Simulation Software

Direct Download is our most affordable option. You'll get the latest software with a database of over 1,500 drivers. The complete User's Guide is located under the Help menu for easy access.

WinSpeakerz Direct Download at $39.95

  WinSpeakerz Basic Upgrade

WinSpeakerz is fast, easy and accurate!

Registered users can get the latest version of WinSpeakerz via Direct Download. You will need your serial number to complete the basic upgrade order form. You will receive the download password upon credit card approval.
WinSpeakerz Basic Upgrade at $10.00

 Introduction to Loudspeaker Design




(comissions earned)

Introduction to Loudspeaker Design, Second Edition is written for hobbyists, students, technicians and engineers seeking an overview of the technology of loudspeakers. Starting with a brief history of audio developments the book begins by introducing the concepts of frequency, pitch and loudness and proceeds to develop the idea of a loudspeaker as a system.

The book covers such topics as loudspeaker design tradeoffs, spatial loading, diffraction loss, cavity effect and enclosure design. A complete chapter is devoted to the subject of crossover design. The appendices contain technical references, design aids and a chart depicting 18 different loudspeaker enclosure types.

The author is a physicist/audio design engineer with over 35 years experience in the research and development of audio products. His DATS, WinSpeakerz and TrueRTA applications are widely used throughout the audio industry for simulating and testing loudspeakers.

The 2nd edition in paperback is just $24.95.

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