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Updated: Monday, 20 September 2021

 DATS V2 Support Page
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DATS V2 software is retired at version 2.1.2 DATS V2 software is no longer available for download. Verified Customers needing replacement software should contact:
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 DATS V2 Revision History

2Jul19: DATS version 2.1.2 is released

Changes from DATS 2.1.1:

  • Fixed a bug related to garbage text in edit fields.


25May17: DATS version 2.1.1 is released

Changes from DATS 2.1.0:

  • Corrected R(e) Units for Label Printing: When printing a label DATS now prints R(e) units correctly as Ohms using the Ω symbol.


29Mar17: DATS version 2.1.0 is released

Changes from DATS 2.0.0:

  • Added Label Printing: DATS now prints driver parameters to tandard address labels using Brother PL700 series label printers.
  • New look and feel: The application is revised from the ground up to provide a new look with user selectable Light, Medium and Dark workspace settings. 
  • Improved Auto-Ranging: The impedance limits are adjusted following a sweep to keep the plot on-screen at just the right size.
  • Improved Printing: The printed reports have been improved to include more parameters with an improved layout.
  • Improved Capacitor Measurement: DATS now measures smaller capacitors better than ever and now gives measurements for the 120 Hz range of smaller value components.

7Aug14 : DATS version 2.0.0 is initially released

Changes from DATS 1.0:

  • Greatly simplified setup: The new DATS V2 hardware greatly simplifies setup such that most users can just plug it in and start testing without needing to fiddle with Windows audio settings.
  • Enhanced capacitor measurement: The new capacitor measurement module goes beyond just
    measuring the capacitor’s value and now includes measurement of the capacitor's equivalent series
    resistance (ESR), dissipation factor (DF), quality factor (Q) and loss angle (δ) at three different
    frequencies: 120, 1k and 10k Hz.
  • Wright Parameters: Loudspeaker parameter measurement has been expanded to include the Wright
    parameters which are especially useful for precision simulation. The Wright parameters allow for the
    accurate reproduction of a driver's high frequency inductive impedance from the four new parameters: KR
    XR KI and XI.
  • Log Impedance Scale: A new user setting allows easy switching between linear and logarithmic
    impedance scales. Often it is convenient to view impedance on a log scale because the impedance of a
    pure capacitor or inductor becomes a straight line and any non-linearity is seen at a glance. The new log
    impedance scale has adjustments for both upper and lower impedance plot limits.
  • Significant Digits Displayed: A new preference allows the user to set the number of significant digits that will be displayed.
  • Greatly Expanded User's Guide: New Tech Notes have been added covering Speaker Parameter Measurement, Inductance Modeling and Capacitor Measurement. Several relevant excerpts from Introduction to Loudspeaker Design 2nd Edition have been added.
 DATS Documentation
The DATS V3 Product Brochure:   DATS V3 Product Brochure

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