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Updated: Wednesday, 27 November 2013
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DATS Software is currently at Version 1.0.2

All DATS users are entitled to upgrade to v1.0.2 by downloading the update patch below.

Click here for the DATS Brochure

Click Here for the DATS White Paper

You can purchase the complete DATS system
at: Parts Express.com.

 DATS Quick Start

Here is a link to download the current DATS Quick Start instructions:

DATS Quick Start.pdf

 I Lost My DATS Software CD

DATS replacement software is available with proof of original purchase. Contact Support at True Audio for details.

 mailto:  support@trueaudio.com

  DATS Software Update Patch

I have DATS version 1.0.1 Installed

Click Here to Download the Patch to Update from DATS v1.0.1 to v1.0.2

NOTE: You must have v1.0.1 installed in order for this patch to work.

 DATS Revision History

3Dec12 : DATS version 1.0.2 is released


  • Enabled the White Noise generator function (oops, my oversight...jlm)
  • Improved oscilloscope triggering and scanning

 15 Mar 2012 : DATS is Announced and Available with Software Version 1.0.1.

Changes: This is the initial release of DATS.




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