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Updated: Thursday, 23 September 2021
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Download: DATS V316 Setup.exe

Download: DATS V316 Setup.zip

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DATS V3 is the latest edition of the Dayton Audio Test System for measuring speaker parameters. The original DATS set new standards for speed, accuracy and precision in audio impedance testing. Now DATS V3 expands and improves everything users have come to love about DATS.

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Download the full pdf of the audioXpress review: DATS V3 Review.pdf

 DATS Documentation
The DATS Product Brochure:   DATS V3 Product Brochure
with troubleshooting and new setup chart         DATS V3 Quick Start / Troubleshooting / Setup:     DATS V3 Quick Start/Troubleshooting/Setup.pdf
The DATS V2 Measurement and Accuracy White Paper:   DATS White Paper


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