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Tech Topics
Technical Discussions of Audio and Loudspeaker Design

Topic No. 1 Murphy on Tubes (EE Times interviews John Murphy)
Topic No. 2 Echo, Reverb and Time Delay Effects

Topic No. 1

Loudspeaker Spatial Loads

Topic No. 2

Loudspeaker Diffraction Loss

Topic No. 3

Linkwitz-Riley Crossovers

Topic No. 4

Loudspeaker Design Tradeoffs

Topic No. 5

Vent Questions

Topic No. 6

Loudspeaker Protection

Topic No. 7

Point, Line, and Plane Sound Sources

Topic No. 8

Neutralizing L(e) with a Zobel

Topic No. 9

Stethoscopic Loudspeaker Evaluation

Topic No. 10

Multi-Way Crossover Design

Topic No. 11

An Overview of  Crossovers
Topic No. 12 An Overview of Crossovers - Part II
Topic No. 13 Designing a Linkwitz Transform Circuit
Topic No. 14 The Murphy Corner Line Array Open Project
see also: John Murphy's Select Posts on Audio Topics

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