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WinSpeakerz Current Version and Upgrade Information
WinSpeakerz is currently at version 2.5.2

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ALL WinSpeakerz users are eligible to purchase a basic upgrade to the latest version via Direct Download for a nominal processing fee of $10.00

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WinSpeakerz Revision History

Version 2.5.2

Changed the Help to HTML format for compatibility with Windows Vista/7 and 8.
- Employs a new installer for compatibility with Windows Vista/7 and 8.
Version 2.5.1

- Fixed a bug where where PCs with 1GB or more of RAM failed to open the driver database
- Fixed a bug related to an error on exiting

Version 2.5.0 
- New Online User's Guide! The complete User's Guide is now available as an online Help system. 
- WinSpeakerz now prints 9 different Crossover Reports
- Improved Trapezoidal Box Calculator, more interactive, locks are handled better
- Improved numeric display in the Box Calculators, no more scientific notation.
- Expanded Driver Database to 1176 drivers from various manufacturers
- Fixed a bug related to initial garbage in fields of the Bandpass Box Calculator
- Fixed a bug related to the Magnetic Gap Depth field

Version 2.4.0 
- Add new button at the Driver Database to "GET DRIVER" from the workbench.
    This new database function allows you to move the driver on the workbench 
    into a new driver record in the database.  By saving, loading and getting drivers you can 
    now migrate your unique drivers from your old database to the newest driver database file. 
- Added logic to retain most workbench settings between sessions.
    now remembers: min/max freq settings, all response range settings, last system editor page,
    modeling selection settings, SPL mode selection, response selections
- Added logic to check for efficiency and SPL values, calculate from parameters if missing
- Improved behavior where plot window is deselected upon loading a driver from the database
- Improve the efficiency estimations used for recommendations

- fixed a bug related to driver diameter data used for SV(min) calculation
- fixed a bug in the recommendations routine
- fixed a bug related to OpenDriver and SaveDriver commands with no project open
- fixed a bug related to Open and Save commands
- tweaked the splash screen to add speaker art
- tweak database bitmap art

Version 2.3.1
Small improvements and bug fixes.
-calculate initial xover values
-the Inductance Calculator now opens with the drivers L(e) value
-all dialogs now remember the last active page
-upon saving a driver the Manufacturer and Model are combined as the default file name
-fix a bug related to Q(ts)< 0.6 and recommended responses

Version 2.2.0
With the release of version 2.2.0 WinSpeakerz no longer uses the hardware key thereby eliminating the single biggest customer support issue.

WinSpeakerz Troubleshooting:

Here are the most commonly reported problems along with suggested solutions.

Cannot See All the Drivers:

Go to the driver database and pull down the "find" list. Scroll to the top of the list and select "All Drivers". Hit the "Requery" button. You should now see the complete list of drivers. (Version 2.0 has been revised for a default selection of "All Drivers" rather than just those with Keyword = Project.)

Database Lockout:

If you cannot open the database with V 1.0 it is likely due to a syntax error in the find or sort string. The fix is to throw away your WinSpeakerz.ini (or winspk.ini) file located in your Windows folder. This file holds the user preferences and is generated each time you quit the application. This problem has been fixed in V 2.0.

WinSpeakerz is hiding in the Taskbar . . .

Right-click on the WinSpeakerz button on the toolbar and select Maximize.   (It may also be necessary to throw away the file named WinSpeakerz.ini (or winspk.ini) located in your Windows folder.)  This problem is eliminated in the current version.


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