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Download the WinSpeakerz Demo!  see for yourself what loudspeaker simulation is all about . . .

This evaluation version lets you actually use WinSpeakerz before you make a purchasing decision. The WinSpeakerz 2.5 evaluation version includes just one fixed driver. But for that one driver you can design an unlimited number of Closed, Vented, and Bandpass loudspeakers. You can vary box sizes, tuning frequencies, and Closed Box Q's. You can view plots of the frequency, excursion, phase, delay, and impedance responses for each enclosure you design. You just can't change the driver.

Try it. We think you will be convinced that WinSpeakerz is the fastest, easiest way to design high performance speakers. For those of you just getting started in speaker building, the WinSpeakerz demo can open the doors to the scientific loudspeaker design method and serve as an aid for learning the basics of how speakers work.

Of course the full version of WinSpeakerz not only lets you change the driver parameters but gives you full access to the True Audio Driver Database of over 1100 drivers from various manufacturers - and you can add additional drivers to your Database.


This self extracting version of the WinSpeakerz 2.5 demo is for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11

 Download the SELF EXTRACTING WinSpeakerz Demo Now!

winspkse.exe is a self extracting archive containing both the latest demo software and online Help System 500KB.

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